We are doing pretty well. He’s been home for almost 3 months now.

Gabriel is currently 4 months adjusted. He still needs oxygen, but only at nighttime and very minimal, 0.1.

We are still working on bottle feeding because he doesn’t really like his bottles. He has 8 specialists, and he’s going to physical and feeding therapy once a week.
Gabriel is able to roll belly to back since 2 months adjusted, reaches for toys, smiles and just started laughing last week!
He is still working on using his arms to push during tummy time because he hates it so much. Gabriel has always had problems with weight gain and needs a lot of extra calories added to my breast milk. He is currently 10 lbs and 21.5 inches long. He is growing on his own curve and his doctors are happy about that.
intrauterine growth restriction

5. What advice would you give to a new preemie or NICU family?

I know the NICU is a very scary place and you think there is no end in sight, but trust me, it’ll pass. Those long nights looking at your baby through an incubator will be in the past and you will have your precious little miracle with you to cuddle all day.
Read, sing, pray for baby. Celebrate every little milestone even if it’s just going down on the vent settings.
Also, try to find time for yourself at least once a week. It’s okay to take a break from the nicu when needed. Ask all the questions you need, and if your nicu has a support group, join them! You will connect with other mommies and share each other’s journey.
intrauterine growth restriction
Thank you so much to Vanessa for sharing her amazing fighter with us. Please leave any supportive questions or comments below.
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